Wisecargo 125g Super Absorbant

$165.00 excl GST
$189.75 incl GST

Single Bag Super Absorbent Calcium Chloride Desiccant – Carton of 72

Suited for usage in 20 and 40 foot containers. Ideal for protection of canned goods, glass paper, cardboard, packed flour, canned pet food and cheese, milk in cartons, agricultural products (i.e. Hay), horse feed, leather products, any cartoned packaging, pharmaceuticals etc. Designed with adhesive backing for quicker installation!




72 x 0.125 packs will absorb over 25kg of moisture. As a rough guide we reccommend 36 to 48 packs per 20′ container or 72 – 96 per 40′ container dependent upon humidity and destination.

Correct, the new Wisecargo Gel Desiccant is the Rolls Royce of desiccants at a Toyota price! Wisecargo is a technological break through in desiccants and is available in New Zealand exclusively through Basepoint.

Wisecargo is a specially designed desiccant housed inside leak proof packaging. It is an important tool in assuring your cargo is transported in a dry and safe condition no matter what temperature extremities it may endure. Wisecargo quickly absorbs large amounts of moisture in order to control the relative humidity inside a shipping container, effectively wiping out the problem of ‘container rain’ caused by this excessive humidity.

Wisecargo’s sorbent is a unique formula, which can absorb up to 280% of its weight under the condition of 25°C and 90% humidity. With such a large absorption rate the sorbent turns into a leak proof gel for added product protection.


WiseSorbent® Technology