Wet Frog Second Stage Filter

$126.50 excl GST
$145.48 incl GST

The Wet Frog second stage constant filtration system is the ideal solution for wet systems. It is designed as a completely sealed unit to filter through a 500 micron stainless steel mesh that removes fine silt that can damage washing machines when using rainwater from tanks. Features:

* Suits up to 100mm stormwater pipe.

* A fully closed unit that protects your rainwater storage from mosquitoes, helps to reduce algae growth and prevents vermin from entering or birds nesting.

* Easy to install.

* Rugged ASA construction to protect against harsh Australian conditions.

* Fits most urban applications

* Designed for minimum cleaning and maintenance.

* High flow capacity.

* Back flow prevention.

* 500 micron SS mesh fine filtration.

Box Contains: 1 x Wet Frog assembly 1 x 500 micron filter 1 x Drainage adaptor & cap 1 x Instruction booklet