UniSorb® Clay Mineral Desiccant – 2kg

$95.00 excl GST
$109.25 incl GST

Suited for usage in 20 and 40 foot containers.

Ideal for protection of canned goods, glass paper, cardboard, packed flour, canned pet food and cheese, milk in cartons, agricultural products (i.e. Hay), horse feed, leather products, any cartoned packaging, pharmaceuticals etc.2 kg now available with hanging hooks for quicker installation!

UniSorb® is the new generation of transport protection for the reduction of dew point and control of condensation. UniSorb’s® innovative design allows water vapor to enter the interior of the bag easily, where it is transformed into a thick gel and will not leak, escape or spill.

UniSorb® desiccants are manufactured from Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) and clay minerals. The large 1kg and 2kg bags are encased in a fully woven material with sewn seams to offer maximum strength and product consistency. They are then sealed inside DuPont’s special Tyvek material to prevent any liquid leakage.

Independent testing by SGS International (at 37° 90% RH) has shown UniSorb® to uptake 100% of its own weight in water, without chloride migration.

2 Kg Bags

Carton of 8 Bags