Portable Speed Hump

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Fast and easy to set up wherever needed.

Our highly visible Portable Speed Bump system is designed for temporary speed control applications, where it is desired to slow traffic speeds to 40km/hr. The secret behind the success of this system is its unique “waffle-style” rubber underlay, which maximises adhesion to the road surface as vehicles traverse. It has been designed for use around highway work zones to assist in reducing speeds.

The Portable Speed Bump is 3m long, 250mm wide, 45mm high and the weight is 13kg. Installation is easy: remove speed bump from included canvas carrying case and roll it out in the desired location. No epoxy, adhesive, painting, or drying time required. The underside is constructed of rubber grip pads to keep the speed bump in place on any paved surface. The top is constructed of a highly visible, durable yellow plastic, making the product both lightweight and sturdy.

This product is usable in all weather conditions, unlike painted concrete or asphalt speed bumps which crumble, expand/shrink, and fade with use. And our Portable Speed Bump can withstand any size vehicle, including tractor-trailers.

Max Length – 3000mm

Width – 250mm

Height – 45mm

Weight – 13kg

Roll Up Size – 540mm Diameter

Bearing Weight – 10 tonnes

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