Organic Soap Nut Shells 1kg

$29.95 excl GST
$34.44 incl GST

1kg Organic Soap Nut Shells (without seed) supplied in a Kraft paper bag.
Living Naturally Soapnuts are the only organic detergent that grows on trees! It simply doesn’t get greener than this! Soapnuts are highly valued by the rural people of India for washing clothes and as a naturally produced shampoo for washing their hair and for getting rid of dandruff. This is why some botanists have named the species as Sapindus detergens. Soapnuts are highly-effective and gentle at the same time. It will leave your laundry fresh and clean and compared to other powder detergents, its mildness will keep colours bright, maintaining fabric structure of your clothes for longer periods. It can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures from 30. C to 90. C. Great for all washing machines especially energy efficient machines & great for all allergy sufferers. 100% natural ingredients Organic Bio-degradable Compostable Environmentally Friendly Reusable Affordable