HPDE Pond Liner 3.5m (price per lineal metre)

$39.90 excl GST
$45.89 incl GST

Our HPDE Pond Liner is a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive EPDM rubber liners. Price is per lineal metre of a 3.5m wide roll.


This is a great product and is available in 3.5m width only and up to 100m in length with no joins. Priced per lineal metre of 3m width.

This means when purchasing you only need to enter the length of the material you need at 3m width. So for a 5 x 3m piece – simply order 5m.

This liner is 500 micron (0.5 mm) thick.

Weave : Woven black HDPE scrim

Coating: LDPE 3.5mil/ side average (83gsm/side)

Color : Black

Weight: 392 grm/sqm (11.5oz/yard) +/- 5%

Width : 3.5m

Maximum Roll length : 100m

No additional freight charges for pond liners over $150. Please allow 10-14 working days for delivery. Please note the price given is per square metre. GST receipt provided.

In order to calculate the size of liner you need, there are two ways to do this. First, if you have a flexible tape measure such as a tailors measure or appropriate outdoor tape measure of similar type, then simply drape your measure through the pond from one side to the other and one end to the other. Allow an extra 200mm on each edge for the liner to be secured. Then take these two measurements and multiply them together. eg, if you have 4.1m one way and 5.8m the other way, then you should allow 4.5m (4.1m plus 200mm each edge for securing) x 6.2m(5.8m plus 200mm each edge for securing) and when multiplied together this makes 28 square metres.

Second, if you have a rigid tape measure such as a typical builders or home handyman type then you need to take three measurements, the length (L) at ground level, the width (W) at ground level and the depth (D) from ground level to the deepest point in the pond. To get your measurements simply allow (2 x D + L) for one measure and (2 x D +W) for the other. One measurement then needs to be rounded up to the nearest roll width. For example if your pond is 4m x 6m at ground level and 2m deep, then your calculation would be 8M (2 x D + L) x 10M (2 x 2M +6M). 8M x 10M = Round the 10M up to 11.4 so 8 x 11.4 = 91.2 square metres of material required. If you would like some more advice please call us at 0800 4 BASEPOINT and we would be happy to assist you.