Ecolab KAY® QSR Heat-Activated Grill & Toaster Cleaner

$39.00 excl GST
$44.85 incl GST

No excuses for a dirty grill now!

KAY Heat Activated Grill & Toaster Cleaner is designed to combat heavy grease, oil, and stains associated with grills, ovens and toasters.

This product is an affordable alternative to common store bought cleaners, and is ideal for kitchens, commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Size: 945ml (32oz) Bottles Designed to clean at high temperatures.

Ready-to-use, non-corrosive product.

Dosing capsule for easy measuring.

Active Ingredients : glycerin 50 %. potassium carbonate 5 – 20%. Dilution : Concentrated pH : 11.2 to 12.2