Dilmah Lemon Tea

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A juicy lemon note with a touch of sweetness yields a mildly tangy and fragrant tea.

Aromatic and refreshing, a tea from the Udapusselawa region of Sri Lanka, with medium body. Delicately scented with Lemon flavor, this tea produces a delightfully lively tea. Can be enjoyed hot or iced. Single Origin 100% Pure CeylonDilmah is entirely grown, handpicked and packaged in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), producer of the world’s finest tea. Single origin explains why Dilmah s fresher, richer and full of flavor. Discerning tea drinkers will recognize the distinct difference in the very first sip.

Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (B.O.P.F)

Ingredient – Flavoured Black tea

Total Amount of Tea per Unit

100 Teabags

Caffeine Level: Medium