Caution Tape Non Adhesive 75mm x 300M

$19.50 excl GST
$22.43 incl GST

This non adhesive tape is designed with safety and security in mind, keeping the public well informed of areas they should be avoiding or keeping out of. This tape has black text on a yellow background.

Manage access by preventing pedestrian traffic from accidentally entering a danger zone. Our quality barricade tapes are a quick and effective way to limit entry to hazardous or restricted areas.

Safety First – help prevent accidents by communicating your safety message with CAUTION or DANGER barricade tapes. Preferred by law enforcement, Workplace Safety professionals, construction sites, painters, event planning, emergency response teams, and utility companies. This high visibility non adhesive tape can help prevent pedestrian traffic from entering a temporary hazard. Barricade Tapes are lightweight, economical, reusable polyethylene with a continuous repeated Warning message for indoor and outdoor use.



  • Economical, Lightweight and Reusable
  • Strong Weather Resistant Polyethylene
  • High Visibility
  • Weather Resistant
  • 75mm x 300M Rolls
  • Ideal for Outdoor or Indoor Applications

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