Air-O-Maxx Film

$189.00 excl GST
$217.35 incl GST

Polyethylene stretch film with holes for ventilation.

Air-O-Films are a proven solution for the agricultural, medical, food and beverage packaging industries. Air-O-Films have the advantages of regular pallet stretch film combined with netting wrap. Air-O-Films are a LLDPE product, after use the material can be recycled with stretch film products.

Pallet Wrapping Applications:

Produce: (vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, eggs, cheese, etc.)

Hot Palletised products: avoid condensation within pallet wrap. (soft drinks, beer, canned foods, pharmaceutical products, pet foods etc.)

Chilled and deep-frozen products: fast cooling after palletisation. (dairy products, ice cream, meat, fish, frozen vegetables, frozen snacks etc.)

Roll dimensions approx: 430mm x 3990m